Friday, August 18, 2006

Marathon Man to the Max

Have you heard about the 50-50-50 Marathon Man?

This guy, Sam Thompson, is running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days ! His purpose is to raise awareness and money for Katrina relief.

Yeah, sure, you say. Nice lofty goal, but he'll never make it. Well, guess what? He only has ONE MORE to go! Tomorrow he does his final 26.2 miles, ending up in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, where he and his group of 100 volunteers help rebuild homes destroyed by the hurricane.

He even has a blog, though how he can find time and energy to write while he's running 1310 miles in 50 days is beyond me.

I'm impressed.

Addendum, Sunday August 20: He made it! Finished his last marathon yesterday. There's a nice account of it on his blog, including the fact that he'll be on The Early Show on CBS tomorrow morning. Thank you, Sam, for your inspirational journey!


Web Teacher said...

Wow, I thought Lance Armstrong was cool, but this guy is amazing.

dr peg said...

Indeed. Quite inspiring!

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