Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Writer's Contest Result

I won!

Pardon me for just blurting it out, but I couldn't help myself. I actually won first place in the Southwest Writer's Annual contest, in the category of nonficton essay!


I am thrilled to the bone. Someone besides my family and friends thinks I can write well!

I could hardly believe it. But there it is, in print.

My first writing competition. I'm very happy.


Bardiac said...

Congratulations!!!!! (That was one very fine post!)

TheTundraPA said...

Peg--that is just EXCELLENT! Congratulations!!!

And so good to see a post from you, I was beginning to wonder if you'd disappeared from the 'sphere.

I hope you're going to celebrate...a lot!

And drop by my blog for Grand Rounds--I hosted today. And WOW, my sitemeter has gone bonkers!

Charity Doc said...


As if anyone else had a chance going up against you and that particular subject!

First 50 Words said...

Wonderful, Peg, congratulations!

connery said...


Way to go, Dr. Peg!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, I must tell you, a little secret:
I am not surprised!

I KNEW it in my bones. If they'd posted odds on your winning, I'da placed a bet on you!

That's wonderful news!!!

Get used to it. It's the first of many awards, I'm sure.

I'm sure there are other award-winning essays I've read here, such as the childbirth story, that will do well in the next competition--that's a surefire Winner, too.

You sure deserve it!

medstudentitis said...

Congratulations! I am SO excited for you!

may said...

that is awesome! congratulations!

anafaran said...

Kudos to you Drrrrr. Peg. From now on I think I'll call you Dr. Doomuch. You're Dr. Pegger Doomuch to me. I want to fix myself a cuppa and curl up to read the next post you decide to not file away.

Peg Spencer said...

Thank you for your kind and supportive words, all!

Giovanni said...

Congratulations Peg! I'm back, and hope to come by more often.


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