Saturday, November 25, 2006

Update on "the book"

Earlier this year I was invited to help with a book called 50 Ways to Leave Your 40s. It has been a lot of fun, an education, a trip with many twists and turns. Our original deadline was December 1st. However, s&*t happens, and the timeline has changed. Due to health problems in my coauthor's family, the book has been put on a back burner for the time being. We're now looking at a March 1st deadline or possibly even Fall of '07. The publisher is being very understanding.

So don't hold your breath or rush out to the bookstores just yet!

I'll keep you posted.


connery said...

Sorry to hear of the delays in your book project. All the best to you and your co-author.

I'll look for it NEXT Christmas, then.

TheTundraPA said...

Hey Peg! Good to hear something from you...seems like you hardly ever post any more. I miss you!

The Cheerful Oncologist said...

Gosh, I hope they get this book out since I just happen to be 49 years old and fading fast... Yikes!

dr peg said...

Thanks connery, tundrapa and cheerful onc for your comments. Thanks for visiting, cheerful onc!

We're aiming for April 1st to get it done. "It's time to push!" exhorts the lead author. Well, I've been there, done that, with human babies instead of books, but hey - a push is a push, right?

I'll keep ya posted.

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