Wednesday, December 06, 2006


These are my daughter's two new pit bull puppies, playing with my 8 month old mutt. I'm trying out my new camera software. This is an effect called "cartoon."


Giovanni said...

What attracted you to Pit Bulls? I thought they were an unpredictable breed given to suddenly attacking other animals and people. I've heard so many bad stories about them, that I'd be afraid to be around them. What are they like?

peg said...

G- I am not attracted to pit bulls. The BF had a friend who's pit had puppies and the two of them thought it would be fun to own puppies together. The pups live at BF's house, although they come over here to play with our dogs fairly often. To tell the truth, they're quite adorable. My daughter and BF are determined that they grow up sweet and not aggressive. Apparently it's a lot about nurture, not nature. They've bought all kinds of books on the subject and are working hard on socializing and training them. My bigger pup, 8 months old, shown in the picture, plays rough with them, but not too rough. I will say, though, that their little jaws are surprisingly strong! I almost lost a sock to one of them the other night.

Giovanni said...

What does BF mean?

By the way, I like the look of your new web site.

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