Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Thrills

Every time I watch Olympic games, I have at least one "Olympic Moment" of my own. This usually occurs at the end of a competition. Athletes from all over the world have just given the most they have, done the best they can do, stretched their own personal limits of strength, agility, or speed. They collapse at the finish, sweating, spent.

Somebody won the gold. That's thrilling, sure. Everyone pushed hard and achieved what I could never hope to. That's thrilling too.

But what really lifts me up is watching the athletes congratulate each other. They hug, kiss cheeks, high five, shake hands. With genuine appreciation, they are acknowledging each other's efforts and achievements. It's a moment of salutation and mutual respect.

Gives me goosebumps.


Rick said...

HI Peggy,

A client is reading your book and I had to look to see if it was you. I viewed your interview on U Tube and have to say it was quite inspirational for us over 50ers. You look great by the way.

Drop a line if you get a chance.


Rick Dyson

Lisa said...

I know what you mean, Peg. I was watching the gymnastics on the tv while working out the other night. I was amazed at the talent, but what made me tear up was when I saw an American gymnast hug her Chinese competitor after the performance. Let the media try to create animosity between the teams; the girls themselves know how tough it is and have the true spirit of a competitor.

When my daughter was competing nationally in rock climbing recently, she talked to me on the phone about how she did - but then she launched into reports of how all her friends had done - girls from all over the US, so of whom had knocked her a bit lower in ranking through their own performance. She wasn't envious; she was proud of her friend who'd just reached a personal best.

I don't care where she ranks - thank kind of competitive spirit is always a sign of a winner!

Thanks for the great post.

Peg Spencer said...

Rick Dyson! I'll be jiggered! How many decades has it been since we were all crazy climbers in Flagstaff? Isn't the internet a wonderful tool? I will definitely email you, old friend!

Lisa, thanks for your comment, eloquent as always. You are so right about the media hyping the competitive part, trying to paint athletes as some kind of enemies in a battle. But over and over we see the reality, which is, as you say, that they have the true spirit of competitors, which includes warm respect for their counterparts.

I can see why your daughter makes you proud.

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