Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloween Party with Albuquerque Fit

Our illustrious host and hostess.

Um...remind me...Mylie Cyrus and ??


Queen Marlene, her Holy Gail, and - hey, is that Heather Wilson?

Count Rod Dracula extinguishes his birthday candles.

Oh, do have another drink, Lady Catherine!

The Blind Date. Get it? Blind.....Date. No, he's not a fig newton.

"My moustache flies in your general direction! Ni! Ni!"

The little devil. Ain't she cute?

Coach Marc executing a perfect demi-pirouette.

Angel Tracie...pure as the driven snow. [Who's laughing? Stop laughing!]

Pretty Pixie. Notice the blind date took off his shades to check her out.

Birgitty Kitty.

Me as the scariest thing that has happened all year.

(I'm the stock market. Get it?)


Anonymous said...

Hello Peg,

Thank you for visiting my site and adding me to your list. I have added your site to mine as well. I need to check out your book. No, I'm not yet 40 but still, I'm interested.

P.S. This looks like a fun party!

Anonymous said...


You have been tagged!!

Check out my blog to find out what this means. It will be fun.

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