Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon 2009

There it is...nearly 12,000 ft of intimidation. We were to traverse from bottom to top, as a team. First our biker, pumping 13 miles uphill. Then the runner, with 5 steeper uphill miles. Third, the skier (yours truly) with 2 miles of uphill skiing on skins (it's getting really steep by now). Finally, the snowshoer takes the team colors to the very top of the mountain, a mile of grueling uphill.

As if that weren't enough, the whole team has to turn around and do everything in reverse, top to bottom, ending up back in the town of Grants, NM.

Here's Sue, our intrepid biker, at the beginning of the race.

Sue was followed by Bev, our heroic runner.

Then it was my turn, trying hard here to win the sleeping bag leg of the race.
(Seriously, though, it was COLD waiting 4 1/2 hours up there at 10,000 feet!)

Finally, jaunty Patti (this is before she snowshoed to the top of the mountain and back!)

At the run/ski transition. It's far more organized than it looks! They have it all figured out, and it runs as smoothly as maple syrup in the Spring.

Patti and Peggy after the race.

Patti, Peg and Sue toast our victory - first place women's 50-59 yr old team! Go SHAC Pack!


Jennifer said...

I didn't realize I know three of your team! That is so great that you got so many photos of that. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Dear Peg,

Thanks for your comments on the Mt. Taylor ordeal. Could you possibly answer one question for me? Is the quadrathlon something that is ONLY done in teams? I ask because a friend of mine from Washington State says he plans on doing this race next Feb. 14; but I am left with the impression he's planning on doing it all by himself! Do people really do that? Or is there a division for individuals, too?

Anyway, if you happen to know and feel like answering, you can write me at


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