Monday, March 30, 2009

Hit and Run

Walk In Clinic, Case #357.

The poor kid was just riding his bike along the street, obeying all the laws, wearing a helmet, going to class. Suddenly a car pulled out from a side street and clipped his back tire, knocking him head over handlebars onto the pavement. As he lay there he saw the car drive away.

Who would do something like that? Accidentally (for I'm almost sure it was a matter of lack of attention) hit a cyclist and then just drive off? What if the kid were seriously injured?

Of course, that's probably exactly what the driver was thinking. "What if I seriously injured that kid? He'll sue me and I'll be paying the rest of my life! I better get out of here!"

The kid walked his ruined bike over to our clinic and presented his shook-up self for evaluation. I was so furious at the negligent driver it was hard to concentrate on the victim of his irresponsibility. The kid did not share my anger. In fact, amazingly, he had experienced the exact same thing before. Another hit and run! He was philosophical about it, and primarily concerned that he'd have to buy a new helmet.

I do try to maintain my faith in the goodness of the human race, and most of the time there is plenty of evidence to support it. But on occasion that faith gets challenged.

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