Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Walk to Work

The school year is over! This means I don't have to wear my chauffeur hat for three months, which means I get the pleasure (and exercise) of walking to work each fine morning. I am going to attempt to post some pictures I took on my way to work. It takes me 30 minutes if I walk fairly briskly.

These are my new Keen walking shoes. Tres comfy!

This is the view from my front steps. Oh poor me.

My friend Mike's house, just around
the corner
(nice la
ndscaping, Mike!)

The UNM North Golf Course, a cozy little 9-holer that serves as a dog romp at sunset.

The UNM School of Medicine

and a road median, New Mexico style

Finally, a dorm on the main UNM campus, close to my clinic. I hope these pics post ok - it's my first effort, other than that silly bug drawing. Pretty nice walk to work, isn't it?


Bardiac said...

Wow, that's some nice walk to work.

difficult patient said...

Very cool--we still have a few more weeks left! I won't be walking to work though. In heals and a suit, I'd be limping about half way there!!!

anafaran said...

Enjoy your summer, Dr. Peg. It sounds like a smart move, walking to work. It gave you time to snap pics for us to see your surroundings. COOL landscaping ideas for me to try in my new desert back yard. Thanks!

wolfbaby said...

beatiful walk to work!!! I would love to have that view from my front door!!!

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