Monday, May 22, 2006

Team Name Update

A while ago I asked for help coming up with a good name for a team that will be walking to support breast cancer research. You all had some wonderful suggestions, so I thought I'd let you know the final outcome.

One creative person here suggested "The Golden Globes". I added that to the list at work, and one of my creative colleagues took it a step farther.

We are now "Los Globos".

This has multiple layers of meaning. The obvious "globe" analogy to the Body Part of Interest. The play on the musical group "Los Lobos". And finally, the allusion to the University of New Mexico's mascot, the lobo! Brilliant, eh? (It means "wolf" en espanol)

We're now brainstorming costume ideas. I'll post pictures after the event.

Peg, proud leader of the pack


anafaran said...

It's not my favorite name but I'll live with it and wait to see the costumes. Maybe that will change my mind. It should be an event I may want to join in some year. Have fun Dr. Pegger! I'll send you a postcard from Greece.

anafaran said...

I guess I woke up ornery Dr. Peg. It's a cool name and better than I could come up with. My best shot was Titty, titty, bang-bangers and I was too embarrassed to mention it earlier. It's kind of crass. Yours is a more polished name. Next year run it by me again. How about Globos Trotters if you're really stuck on Globos and don't mind the basketball association?
This is a fun blogsite by the way. You seem to bounce around the emotional spectrum quite easily.

dr peg said...

anafaran - Hey, you're welcome to your opinion. Or opinions, if they change. I liked Chemo Sabes myself, but was convinced it wasn't appropriate. I think we'll have fun with Los Globos.

I "bounce around the emotional spectrum", eh? Is that a nice way of calling me a yoyo? Just kidding. Yes, I do bounce around. I'm not bipolar, but I do have emotional variability and I show it.

Ya wanna make something of it?!

(I'm kidding!)

connery said...

Ana and Peg--Many of us enjoy that which "bounces around."


Any bloggette who can cover an entire emotional spectrum in the same week--from gripping emotions to tears to respect for and wondering about the handicapped to the WEATHER to baseball (oops, that was Anafaran & me) to ethical dilemmas to cancer charities to celebrating life to allowing people to feel safe to lament death to light and playful stuff on bouncy Golden Globes--that's quite an emotional spectrum and an emotional sanctuary (to reuse a phrase I used in the Nurse Margaret response section the other day.)

Dr. Peg, the Emotional Bouncer. That sounds like an accolade and a high compliment. Or a job guarding the front door of a night club!

Heather said...

Body paint. You could paint los globos any color you wanted. Even gold.

anafaran said...

Now there is a good nickname for our hostess that I like alot:0
"Emotional Bouncer" I remind myself (I do a bit of talking to myself on blogsites if you've noticed)of something in Forest Gump. My blogsite hostess is like a box of chocolates, you never know what emotional punch will be inside her site today.......
Which makes her more like a thin slice of the bread of life to me(the whole grain kind of course). I like thin slices because large slices are hard to digest. However, I make allowances for chocolates, all brands. Which also reminds me that the girls are home from college and left a box of plastic eggs filled with chocolate eggs in a box on the floor of the living room. I heard the dog rummaging through something in the next room while I messaged to my old friend in Amsterdam who had to call the police on her two boys for trying to kill each other for the third time. It was a hard e-mail to break away from, because as sad as it is to admit, I've had a smattering of domestic flare-ups in this household, not quite to the extent of hers, and so felt there were a few words of advice to share. OK, there were more than a few, to calm her shattered nerves, but, when I walked into the room there were 2 dozen of these colored plastic eggs all over the floor and just some little colored pieces of foil about the rug. It must be horrible to be a dog and not be able to pull off the wrappers from the chocolate eggs.
I'm still wondering what chocolate eggs were doing here in mid-May. They ought to feel mushy by now in this heat and besides, I didn't think dogs and chocolate mixed too well. This doggie disproved that theory. And I also felt good that I had a dog that ate anything in sight rather than having two boys playing out the Cain and Able story. If we could all put our troubles in a suitcase and throw them into the middle of room, we'd all kill to get our very own suitcase back again.
That little saying from my Southern girlfriend's great aunt who was first cousin to Howard Hughes, came home to me today. It also reminds me that if I were in the race for the cure with you Dr. Peg, we'd have to form one group whose members already have lost their breasts, one or two. I could lead the pack and we'd be called Inflatable Dolls! I'm still attached my own suitcase though, and I keep it close from now on.

dr peg said...

Heather - great idea with the body paint! I think we might be painting at least our noses, maybe whiskers too (wolf, ya know). I think we're going to make lobo ears to put on those plastic headbands we used to wear when we were kids, remember? Then maybe the nose and whiskers thing, MAYBE a tail (big maybe there - gotta sell the rest of the team on that one). Also, our UNM Lobos use a distinctive paw print on their team stuff, so we're planning to do a stencil of that and put two big ones on the front of our Tshirts, strategically placed. "Los Globos" on the back. The walk is June 11. I'll post photos.

dr peg said...

connery - emotional bouncer, eh? It does sound like a club job. I may kick you out, but I'll do it with emotion!

anafaran-Your poor friend! I hope things calm down with her boys. She's lucky she has you to call upon. Hey, about dogs and chocolate, I've heard the same thing about it being bad for them, but scoffed when I saw my pup chow chocolate cake with no ill effects. However, what I've heard since is that they don't have what it takes to break it down or get rid of it (or some part of it) so they get a buildup and it's harmful in the long run. (Don't I sound so scientific? Trust me; I'm a doctor!) So better keep the chocolate out of reach in future.

One more thing about emotional bouncing. I've decided (today, anyway) that by really feeling the range of emotions that we all go through in a day, we allow ourselves to move beyond them and feel another emotion. In other words, if something upsets me, and I let myself really feel upset, it passes more quickly rather than poisoning my day. I'm then free to feel the next emotion that comes up. Some people do this more naturally than others. I've had to work at it. But it's worth it. I can have days that are neither "good days" nor "bad days" but "all over the place days" which makes life more interesting. I shoulda done a new post about this- it has nothing to do with my original topic. Oh well. Follow the blog, wherever it leads...

anafaran said...

Thanks for that tip about feeling the emotion, act the response, and get on with life. I think I've been steadfastly trained to stifle it, bury it, and the bad stuff just never gets addressed. Besides all that buried emotional wadding uses up energy that should be used to problem-solve, and just live sanely. Your comments are right there on target, Dr. Peg. I'll keep my eyes on your site.

connery, emotional bouncer said...

Re: Dr. Peg, Emotional Bouncer.

You take the bad emotions, feel 'em, lay your hands on 'em, work 'em over, kick their ass, then toss 'em out of the Limbic Night Club. (the "Limbic System," by the way, is the part of the brain responsible for our emotions)

That frees you up to admit some hopefully better-class emotions from behind the velvet rope into your night club.

anafaran said...

This thinking is an offshoot of the talk about emotional bouncer. What if we imagined that our lives were paintings? This is probably because I just returned from the Chicago Art Institute and pictures are on my brain, also my dreams are usually vividly visual so I was trying to make an analogy between our lives and paintings and images. Here goes: If your life's events correspond to a series of paintings by an artist, let's say you are the artist of your own life, then could each major event be considered one of your works, could the composition for your work be like the structure of the events that lead up to the composition, could the emotions be the colors, the reactions be the tones? For example, everyone has to use some palette of colors, so what colors would your emotions be? Are you using a limited palette or a broad palette? Could we consider that the positive emotional reactions to events trigger the highlights in the painting and the negative reactions be the dark shadows in the painting? All in all, don't we need all ranges of emotions to produce a gorgeous painting?
Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all!
Anafaran, Dr. Peg's fan.

dr peg said...

anafaran - I really like the image (sic) of our lives as a painting. I like to think of it all as one big painting. Each event adds a detail. Some events overlay others, so the underlying or previous details aren't visible, but they're there.

I agree that we need all the emotions, all the shades and shadows, to have a complete, balanced, esthetically beautiful painting. As such, connery, I think as bouncer in the Limbic Club, I wouldn't toss out anyone. Might make 'em sit out until they calm down a little and aren't disrupting the whole place. But no, my Limbic Club admits all comers.

Both images are fun to play with. This got a lot more interesting than "Los Globos"!

connery said...

'Both images are fun to play with. This got a lot more interesting than "Los Globos"!'

Ya know, that reminds me...

Sometimes, "Los Globos" are "fun to play with," too.

There! Now, we're back on the original topic (well, sort of).


connery said...

Connery Given Lifetime Achievement Award

Wow. Thank you. I've only been visiting here about 6 weeks now, with occasional comments, and now I've received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

I'm so touched. Thank you all sho much.

--Connery, Emotional Bouncer

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