Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hi there. Just a quick fun post today. Pictures from my walk in the park the other day. Here's me waving at y'all:

You can see that we've been having a drought here. Some city parks have actually quit watering. (This one gets water, but clearly not enough to keep the grass all green)

Here's my faithful
companion, Neo the dog, doing what he does best.

A view of fickle skies, pretending to portend rain...
and the pup, relieved of all burdens.


dr peg said...

I screwed around with the pictures and text a while but couldn't seem to get it just right. I give up. Close enough.

connery said...

Somehow, if I were Neo the Dog, I'd say ya shoulda given up BEFORE you posted a picure of me peeing on the Internet!!!

(hey, I'm not really THAT shy; maybe I'll...never mind)


anafaran said...

I love that shot of the fickle New Mexico skies "pretending to portend rain". My friend told me that when it was so hot in El Paso last week the rainclouds came and they actually opened up and rained but the temps were so high the rain evaporated before hitting the ground. It reminds me of that Zen or Buddhist question, "what is the sound of one hand clapping?"
What is the visual of a great Southwest rainfall as it's evaporating? OK, they don't connect exactly, I know, but it does make you wonder. It does make me wonder, how many times did it rain over me and I never felt it. Or if I didn't feel it, did it rain? Maybe I need to return to the sleep lab. Sleepless nights often don't produce many profound thoughts.

dr peg said...

connery - Neo laps up the attention, no worries. He laps up a lot of other things too, like the good "found puppy" that he is (read "garbage hound")

anafaran - I've seen that evaporating rain all too often. It's beautiful but frustrating. It does make a good zen question, though, doesn't it? Last night, thank goodness, it all hit the ground, with a vengeance and a bunch of lightning. Wonderful.

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