Sunday, July 02, 2006

Writer's Retreat

Greetings from the Colorado Rockies! I am here for a 9 day writer's retreat with my friend and co-author, Sheila Key. She's a brilliant and funny writer who, to my endless amazement and gratitude, invited me to join her in her writing of "50 Ways to Leave Your 40's". Think we might get inspired by this view from our front porch?

Here's where we are staying. I must admit, it hasn't always been easy to stay indoors glued to our laptops, drinking green tea and coffee and being brilliantly creative.

Every so often, though, nature calls, so off we trundle to the outhouse. Kinda hard to leave this place too, though - check out that view!!

Here she is, the erstwhile author, busy at the keyboard. I guess I better get back there and join her! More pics in a few days. (deer, foxes, mountains, mountains, mountains)


wolfbaby said...

Looks like a beatiful retreat.. care for one more;)

dr peg said...

wolfbaby - It was beautiful. You would have been welcome, but we probably would have put you to work writing!

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