Friday, June 05, 2009

Back to the Rockies!

This is a resurrected post from the same time last year. I'm headed back to the Rockies this weekend! I'll expect to have fresh photos and outlooks next week. And heat in the cabin this year!

I'm so pleased to be back in Gothic, Colorado, at 9,500 ft elevation. Spring has barely begun here, as you can see. Lots of snow still on the mountains, and water pouring off all over the place. What a difference from the 90 degree high desert I left in Albuquerque!
My official role here this year is minimal as far as doctoring goes, so I'm excited to get a lot of writing work done. More pics coming, as soon as I get new batteries to replace the ones that froze last night (along with the milk in the fridge and my toes in my sleeping bag!) Fortunately, the groundsperson Robyn connected my gas tank today and there's a wall heater, so hopefully I'll be cozy tonight. If the heater doesn't work, I'll sleep with my camera to preserve the batteries!

1 comment:

Paul Elam said...

Magnificent pics! I am totally jealous!

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