Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Butt Boil Day

Today in clinic it was Butt Boil day.


You know how they say things come in threes? It's true. At least, in medicine it is, or seems so much of the time. Weeks will go by with not a pimpled posterior in sight. Until suddenly, one day, boom, boom, boom! Three in a row.

Did these people know each other? No. Did they all sit on the same seat on the bus, or bench in the park? I seriously doubt it. So why did they all develop boils on their behinds today? It's a medical mystery.

We've had other odd days as well. Among others: Eye Scratch Day, Jock Itch Day, and, my personal favorite, Ingrown Toenail Day. (What can I say? I love procedures. I'm a wannabe surgeon at heart.)


Anonymous said...

I always thought I was the biggest boil on your...

Jeff C

Lisa said...

Ugh. I am so glad there are people who like to take care of stuff like that! I'd probably poke at at and say, "Ewwww!", leaving the patient with a horrible complex to deal with after I left the room!

Peg Spencer, MD said...

Jeff C - not even close!

Lisa - I know, us docs are kinda sick that way. There's a certain satisfaction when you make that incision and release a pouring torrent of...well, you get the picture.


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