Monday, July 21, 2008

Eight Mile Run

We did it! We ran 8 miles. The longest run yet. Not only that, it was out in the country, on a rather hilly road. We started at Jemez Dam, for those of you in the know, and ran back toward Bernalillo. Here's the view from the starting point:

Coach Marc, a.k.a. "Iron Man" gives his customary safety speech. Only this one included "watch out for bulls!"

And we were off! Hard to complain about running in such beauty.

Thankfully, Scott, the photographer extraordinaire, took his photos at the beginning of the run, while we were all still smiling. That's me in the middle, with leggy Jen on my left and Coach Lori, a.k.a. "Tofu Lori," on my right.

We all finished, and were very proud of ourselves. Still hard to believe we'll be able to run half again as much in September, but I have faith.


Lisa said...

Gorgeous place for a run - and what a long one at that! Congrats on the accomplishment.

Peg Spencer said...

Thanks, Lisa! Thankfully, we're only doing a 3 miler this week. I never thought I'd hear myself say that - "only a 3 miler." I guess the treatment is working!

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