Friday, July 25, 2008

Cat Bite Day

I haven't seen a cat bite in months. Tuesday, we had two, one right after the other! Different patients, different households, different cats. One was already infected, less than a day after the bite. The patient had fever and bodyaches, all from a little puncture in her finger. The other gal's forearms were covered with scratches and bites. Her kitten wanted a cupcake, believe it or not, and was not happy to be told "no!"

Eighty percent of cat bites get infected. This is in contrast to about fifteen percent of dog bites. Surprising, isn't it? You might think those nasty canines, who chew everything from your stinky shoes to roadkill, would have mouths teeming with germs. You might think precious, preening kitty has nary a germ on her tongue. The truth is the opposite.

Finger Puncture came back yesterday, much better on a simple antibiotic. Cupcake Withholder is doing fine too. I bet it'll be Christmas before I see another cat bite.

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