Monday, April 24, 2006

Bug art- a brief digression

Works in Progress:

Placenta Primavera
Never Say "Oops"
Drug Whore
The Face of Courage


dribear said...

is placenta primavera inspired by Tom Cruise? :)

Peg Spencer said...

"Placenta Primavera" is indirectly inspired by Tom Cruise, via
One of my favorite blogs .

Giovanni said...

I didn't understand 'bug art' and the list below it.


peg said...

Giovanni - "bug art" was just a little drawing I did on MS Paint for fun.

The list below it is unrelated to the picture, unless lists "bug" you. (heh heh) It's a list of writing pieces I'm working on. Some are just in my head so far, some partially written. I just want readers to know I am working on stuff in between posting.

Sorry for the confusion.

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