Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Call for Team Names

Since you all were so creative and prolific with your naming suggestions for "vovey goo" (sorry, that one is stuck deep in my psyche ) I thought I'd recruit your brilliant minds for a real life naming dilemma.

The Susan B. Komen "Race for the Cure" for breast cancer is coming up. Last year, one of our staff was post-op from her own case, so I organized a team to walk/run in support of her. We called ourselves The Brassieres (in support, get it?). I ordered a bunch of white baseball caps and went to the thrift store and bought the gaudiest bras I could find. We then decorated the caps with the bras [arrgh, here's where I wish I had more cyber-smarts: I'd insert a photo], augmented a bit with craft stuffing, glitter, etc. They looked totally ridiculous and hilarious. We had a great time, and we won the Team Spirit award.

Sometimes once around is enough for a good idea, so we're looking for a new name for this year's team. We'll need a new costume or gimmick to go with it. Some of our ideas so far are:

Bosom Buddies
Chemo Sabe's
Jogging Jugs
Sarcastomas in Situ

We welcome more witty suggestions from any and all smart alecks.

This year, I will be holding in my mind a relative and a patient, both recently diagnosed. The staff person who was benched by surgery last year is back in the game and on the team, so we'll be celebrating too!


anafaran said...

Well I at least have a theme song for you, Dr. Peg. Bye-Bye Boobies! Sing your own words to the tune of Bye-Bye Birdie, and include in the lyrics when the hell is all the money spent on research going to procure a cure for our breasts gone MIA? And when will we get them back and how do you get our sisters back who have already succumbed to the killer disease?

dribear said...


I'm going to bed now, but I will sleep on it and get back to you in a day or 2 with some ideas :)

Queen Lisa said...

The World Cup Team

Queen Lisa said...
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anafaran said...

If you don't like my theme song, how about this for one of the banners at least- Melons vs Melanomas? Melons win, hands down!

Virginia said...

I walked in this event last year and will again this year. We all just said, "We're walking for Deb." Sadly, this year we are walking to honor Deb's memory.

I was excited last year to place in the top three in my age group until I learned that there were only three entrants in my age group!

I liked the name you used last year and think you should keep the tradition going. You may become the most famous boob troop out there.

Peg Spencer said...

Virginia - I'm so sorry about Deb. That's why we're all doing this, isn't it? In hopes that Deb's daughter or granddaughter will survive where Deb didn't.

Giovanni said...

With respect, I profer the name "The Winnebagos". One of the funniest names for breasts I've heard of.

Charity Doc said...

Reminds me of my naivette during 1st year of med school when I pointed to an odd looking nodular density on a chest xray and asked the attending, "what's that?"

He quickly chuckled and said, "THAT, is a nipple-loma. See? There's another one exactly like it on the other side."

Sallysis said...

I think chemo sabes is brilliant, go with that one!

Peg Spencer said...

Chemo sabes is winning at work so far. We're talking about wearing Lone Ranger masks and bandanas.

I'm going to add World Cup Team, Winnebagos and Nippleomas to the list at work and next week we'll vote. I'll let you all know!

Virginia - I brought your idea to the team but they want to do something different. Wanna join us?

Peg Spencer said...

The bandanas would be on our heads, like people having chemo.

connery said...

What a great cause. You have some great name choices already. May I add, "Golden Globes"?

Or, "The Meandering Mammaries," since it's a benefit "walk".

Or, with a nod to Charity Doc's "nipple-oma" story--
"The Nip-It-In-The-Buds".

"Cuties Against Carcinoma"?

marybishop said...

Chemo sabes! - I don't think you can beat that one and the design elements, bandanas, masks etc. would tie in beautifully.

If you choose that name, don't forget to blast the William Tell Overture and have people pledge in Silver Bullets rather than dollars (one silver bullet equalling one dollar.)Good luck!

peg said...

"Golden Globes"!!! ROFLMGGO! Great one, Connery. I can picture a good costume to go with that one. I also like your other suggestions, which I will add to the list.

MaryBishop, thanks for your ideas about the music and the bullets. I'll definitely do the music thing. We don't get pledges, though. We just pay and walk.

One of my webteachers has told me how to post photos to blogger, so I will definitely do so after this event.

Kim said...

How about the Jug-ernaughts? : D


Virginia said...

Hey, thanks for the invite to your team. Those of us walking for Deb don't actually have a team, but we do have an actual group. She was a PE teacher and a lot of people in the "group" are PE teachers from all over the state. I may be the only wimp among 'em who isn't athletic.

connery said...

So, Dr. Peg--

What was the "winning pair" of entries in your Team Name contest?

You never told us.

Was it selected yet? Was the vote finalized? Were there any "hanging chads"?

Curious for some followup.

It reminded me of this topic the other day (Sunday), when major league baseball had many players using (I tried to color this pink with HTML stuff, but it wouldn't take) pink bats in order to raise money and awareness for fighting breast cancer. It's about time those guys did something for the public's benefit!

Peg Spencer said...

Pink bats, eh? Cool!

The team name with the most votes is "Chemo Sabes". However, I was informed by a part-Native American friend today that this name might offend "the American Indian community".

So, looks like we'll probably go with #2, "Bosom Buddies"

Anonymous said...

I need some help thinking of a name for my mom's team! Her name is Vivian...

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