Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Other Names

I never guessed, when I wrote the essay about "Vovey Goo", how many creative ideas would come from other folks in response. Here they are, to date. Some you've seen here on the blog. The rest are from a physicians website discussion group.

Vovey goo

goo la la
life flow
vagina juice
chick juice
vaginal vino
feminina fluid
clito grigio
skene's sauce
bartholin's butter
womb lotion
love lotion #9
cream of aphrodite
slippery sex saki
grafenberg's gravy
salpynx syrup
pudendal pudding
vagensation (a combo of "vagina" and "condensation")
clitoral climaxillate
mujera mist
flowing myrrh

I expect that just about exhausts this particular subject.

Next up: "Impatient Medicne"


anafaran said...

Some female musician rising star will adapt the Billy Joel song to accomodate these words as the new lyrics. Instead of "we didn't light the fire.
'cause the world's been burning as the world keeps turning"..
The new song will go,
"we didn't start 'gina-lingo, 'cause our thoughts are churning as our minds keep turning...'
"Come together, ladies!", she'll mimic the Beatles song, and conclude with, "We've only just begun, no sense in hiding this, words to descriiiiiibe, rest, how we live with this.......messy stuff! Yeaahh, we've only just begun!'
But I'm not sure who wrote that, sounds like The Carpenters but maybe it was, hmmm, it just 'slip'-ped my mind.

marybishop said...

Great words -- all of them!

Heather said...

Clito grigio made me laugh out loud. Hee Hee.

Giovanni said...

Hi Peg!

I thought this was absolutely hillarious :-) Here's another one for your lexicon - from the Song of Solomon: 'flowing myrrh'.

I appreciate your wit, and your charming way of sharing your thoughts.


Peg Spencer said...

anafaran - you go, girl! I think you oughtta cut a CD. I'll sing backup!

giovanni - thank you for your kind words, and your addition, which I promptly added.

Have you noticed how my Google Ad is now all about "fishy vaginal odor"??

God has a sense of humor, and a laptop!

dribear said...

I think I might be too naive. I haven't heard of most of those on the list. lol

pegadoc said...

dribear - That's because most of them were just made up! Not bad, eh?

Bardiac said...

Hi Peg,

I hope you don't mind; I linked to this post and the original vaginal fluids post on my blog today.

Best, Bardiac

Peg Spencer said...

bardiac - Are you kidding? I'm honored - thank you!

I need to spend some time this weekend updating my own blog link list. I'm finding more and more great blogs all the time.

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