Saturday, April 22, 2006

I hope you're using Firefox

to view my blog. I just discovered that if you view this blog in Internet Explorer, all you see is the posts for miles and miles before the sidebar stuff, including the blog title, comes into view. If you're using Firefox, it looks as spiffy as I could make it. At least the title is at the top.

If anyone knows the whys of this and how to fix it, please tell me.


Cebollas Blancas said...

Because Firefox Rocks!

Your site looks great Peg! I look forward to having time to read in depth instead of my 10 minute perousal, excuse my french, after I can't get sick I'm way busy...

Virginia said...

Lately I've been reading it with my RSS aggregator, NetNewsWire, where it looks exactly like what I see when I look at it with either Safari or Firefox (Mac). I don't use IE unless I'm checking something, but I'm capable of it, if you want me to check it in my version of IE/Win, which is the IE7 beta.

The Blogger template you are using is well tested, however, and I'm wondering if maybe you have accidently switched off CSS or something in IE that makes it look "off" to you.

Peg Spencer said...

Virginia - you lost me at "RSS".

I don't know what "CSS" is or whether I switched it off or not.

If you can "check it in IE/WIn" go for it. If you need something from me, email me. Thanks!


peg said...

cebollas blancas (white onions?) - Welcome! Didn't mean to ignore you. Hope you come back, bro.

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