Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11

I walked to the dining hall this morning just as the sun was peeking over the mountains to the East, lighting the aspen at a lovely slant.

The RMBL dining hall where I am happily fed three times a day. At this point the sky was blue, all except for a telltale wisp of cloud to the West. We'd heard rumors...

Sure enough, by 10am the sky was lowering gray and there were even snowflakes blowing around! Brrr! I guess we were at the bottom edge of a swirling front up north. Seeing that snow lit a fire under my carcass, so to speak, and back to the heater I went, to lean on the pilot button some more. This time, success! I have heat! Now all I need is water and I'll be in paradise. They did get the part for the broken water pipe today and did some repairs but I'm still working out of water bottles and hiking to the shower.

By early afternoon, the weather had cleared. Reminded me of how unpredictable and powerful the mountains are.

I managed a run this afternoon, up the valley beyond the lab, but didn't take my camera, alas. The vistas up there...more of the same, but more so! On the way to the run is this cabin, the oldest in town, but with a recent facelift.

Last shot of the day. Can you find the marmot in this photo? It's a brown furry mammal. More tomorrow!

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