Friday, June 13, 2008

June 13

I missed blogging last night because I was busy jamming! Turns out there are a few musicians up here, so some of us got together and did a little pickin' and grinnin'. It was a lot of fun, although I felt rather OLD when some of the students didn't recognize songs like "Down in the Valley" and "Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms."

Thought I'd share a couple pics of the lab buildings. This one is the main office, the hub, where mail comes in and everyone goes with their questions and problems.

This is the General Store. In the old days, it was the Gothic Town Hall. Now they sell T-shirts and postcards downstairs, and upstairs is a museum.

Look who I saw again last evening. She's hunting right here "in town!" (That's a cabin called "Paradise" right behind her. Hey, it's all in your point of view!)

Once again, she was unfazed by me and my camera. I have yet to spy her babies, alas, although I did sit quietly outside their den for quite a while the other day. Maybe tomorrow, my last day here, I'll get lucky and see the little threesome.

This morning it was clear and cold, after yesterday's storm. There was frost everywhere, including on these growing wild cabbages.

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