Sunday, June 01, 2008

My 50th birthday is today!

That long-awaited day has arrived. It has carried extra significance for me, given the book I just finished co-authoring. 50 Ways to Leave Your 40s. So I should be an expert at this particular transition and sail through it without a ripple, right?

Right. However, I will admit, I had some trepidation. Fifty sounds so OLD! Yes, even after I spent two years working to co-write a book which hopes to soften that number and help people see midlife as a fine old time. I was still nervous about actually doing it myself.

I'm happy to report that I awoke this morning feeling like just exactly the same person I was yesterday. Yeah, I know, you'd think after this many birthdays I'd get it. One little day does not a big difference make. Still, I was relieved. I looked at myself in the mirror and said, "Happy Birthday, me. I'm fifty." It didn't hurt a bit.

Spent the day so far playing soccer in an Over-30 women's tournament. Not only that, our team won second place! I was psyched! They made me bring home the trophy, since it was my birthday and I had organized the team. I think it's pretty cool to have a soccer trophy to commemorate my 50th birthday.

I'm still having a little trouble wrapping my mind (and my mouth) around the words "in my fifties," but I figure that'll come. For now, I'm thrilled to be alive and healthy enough to play soccer.

Happy My Birthday to YOU!

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