Saturday, March 25, 2006


Being a newcomer to the blogging scene, I'm still learning the ropes. What kinds of blogs are out there, how you can format your blog, sort your responses, link to other sites, etc. Who blogs. Who blogs not. What one does and does not do on a blog ("blogiquette"?).

One thing I read (on a blog, of course, where else?) was that it's common blog practice to post links to other sites, be they blogs too, or news stories, or cool websites one has discovered. This is true. Most of the blogs I visit have tons of cool graphics, pictures, embedded links and so forth. "Everyone's a programmer." Everyone but me.

I understand that I have been remiss in this aspect of blogging to date. In my own defense, I only know one tag of HTML code, and although it is the code that creates a link, my facility with it prohibits frequent use. In other words, I'm no good at it!

However, I get that bloggers must support each other, and there are a few blogs I visit regularly, so I'll make a good faith effort with the HTML and tell you of some of them.

One of my personal favorite blogs is First 50 Words. The blog owner posts writing prompts for reader/writers to use to write just the beginning or a fragment of a piece. It's pressure-free writing practice with lots of variety. Good way to get the muse juices flowing.

I learned all I know about blogging from Marianne Powers whose website has a link to her blog. She's written some good basic blogging lessons that are easy to follow if you're a beginner. She's a published author, so I take her advice seriously as a budding writer.

The way I got into this whole thing was by joining Southwest Writers which is what it sounds like, a group of writers of varying experience. They have workshops here in Albuquerque, writing contests open to anyone anywhere, and a critiquing service. They also have a page of "member links" which you can follow to see what people are writing or blogging.

Southwest Writers was my connection to Sheila Key, a vivacious and very creative writer who is working on a new book entitled 50 Ways to Leave Your 40's. Check out her book and blog at her website. You can contribute your story, and it might make it into print!

Whew! I think 4 links is my limit (I never have more than 4 links a day, doc!). I'll work on my blogging skills so that I can suavely plop links into my text as smoothly as the next gal, but for now, check out some of the other links I have listed over there to the left and down, in the sidebar.




Heather said...

I still don't know how to do most things. I finally figured out to embed a link in a post and I've faked my way into added links to my sidebar. I should probably go back and update them.

I think as long as you're not rude anything goes.

Peg Spencer said...

Thanks, Heather. I've seen some amazing cool blogs with pictures embedded in the text and everything. They look like newsletters. Maybe someday.

Marianne Powers said...

Thanks, Peg!

Web Teacher said...

Hey, Peg, I wrote the book on HTML, and I can tell you that all you need are your words and your point of view to make this blog work for you. The rest of it isn't worth cluttering up your brain about. Thanks for the mention of First 50 Words, cause even a web wonk needs a creative outlet and that's mine.

Virginia, in her other incarnation as Web Teacher today.

pegadoc said...

Virginia, teacher,

What is the sound of a web wonk wonking?

I'm relieved by your advice, because, although I enjoy all the bells and whistles I see on some of the blogs, I have neither the skill nor the inclination to develop same at the moment.

Wonk on, dude!


(who has no clue what a web wonk is or does, but is impressed nonethelss)

Web Teacher said...

Here's a definition. A web wonk is someone who responds to a phrase like "web wonk wonking" like this: FOTFLMAO
Wonkingly yours,

pegadoc said...

Thanks, Virginia! I figured it was something like that.



Kim said...

Hey, every ER nurse knows that when I a patient says they've only had four links, we're supposed to double it! LOL! : )

Thanks for the non-medical writing links.

I've been blogging for about 8 or 9 months and I'm still learning. I can put a picture in my post! Woo hoo! LOL! Other than that, I must depend on Blogger, and they can be a bugger!

pegadoc said...

Kim - you can put a picture in your post?! Wow, girl, you've got me beat. I haven't even put a picture in my profile. Well, that's not entirely out of techno-ignorance. It's partly out of chicken-shittedness. And because, of course, the camera never does me justice!

(snort, giggle, eyeroll)

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