Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mary - thoughts from her memorial

One thing that always impressed me about Mary was her posture. She was a tall woman, and stood very straight. When I was a little girl, I looked up, way up, to her. I was a bit intimidated by her stature back then, to be honest. I saw her integrity as distant seriousness.

Over the years, I have come to see that the way she carried her body in the world was a lot like the way she carried her spirit. Many of the words that could be used to describe her physically also fit for her character.

Straight. Strong. Upright. Steady. Straightforward. Tall. Graceful. Open. Alert. Interested.

Reliable. I could always count on Mary, no matter what. She was always there, in my life, somewhere, part of the essential fabric, the basic chords, the foundation.

When I got to where I could look her in the eye, I saw the twinkle there, and came to know the fun loving spirit that lived in her as well. She never lost her straight stature or her graceful posture, but I learned to see the playfulness in her too. She even took to wearing sweatsuits in her later years, although I'd always have to look twice to believe it. I never knew anyone who could wear a sweatsuit and still look so classy.

Mary, thank you for your inspiring posture, and I mean that in every way. I will miss you.


Heather said...

Sorry you lost your friend. Sounds like she was a great lady.

peg said...

Thank you, heather. She was a great lady. Thankfully, she lived for 86 long years before she passed.

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