Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Comments Changed to "Moderated"

Dear friends and readers,

Up to now I've had the comment setting for this blog on "unmoderated". This meant anyone could post here and say whatever they wanted to. Unfortunately, someone posted a comment with a link to a sex toys website. Hence, I have changed the setting to "moderated". This means I need to view and authorize every comment before it appears on the website.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I really don't want trash on this site.



Addendum - March 10 - I disengaged the "moderated" feature and left the word recognition feature. Hopefully, this will be enough to prevent spam and garbage. If not, I'll re-engage "moderated". (Sounds like Captain Picard - "Engage!")


Doc NOS said...

Well, you did write "skin deep."

peg said...

"Skin deep" wasn't meant to be pornographic, doc nos. I meant for it to be a play on the saying "beauty is only skin deep", which I SO do not believe, and also a too-subtle statement about the depth of meaning a touch can have.

echrai said...

Having read through a few of your posts, I really enjoy your writing style. Such a shame - so many people take advantage of what ought to be a glorious form of self-expression. Too bad. Nonetheless, moderated or no, I'll be back to read more.

peg said...

Thanks, echrai! Come on back anytime. I check at least once a day so comments will get to the blog quickly.


Web Teacher said...

If you go to settings > comments > and select show word verification for comments you can prevent some comment spam because it asks one of those wierd looking letter verification things. Lots of the spam comments are inserted by machines, and a machine cannot do the word verification bit.

P.S. Great piece. I enjoy reading it. I'm off to SXSW for a week so won't be commenting much, but I'll be back.

Peg Spencer said...

Thanks, Teach. I did that, so now I have double protection!

Have a great trip.


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