Sunday, March 19, 2006

Giving and Taking Orders

Yesterday I spent the morning "running line" out at the soccer complex. For those that are soccer parents or soccer players, you know what this means. The "linesperson's" official title is "Assistant Referee" or "A.R." As an AR, you assist the Center Referee, who is the big cheese, the bottom line, the boss. The Center makes all the final decisions, sets the tone of the game, and has the power to throw players or parents off the field, even to stop the game if necessary. He or she is the boss. As their assistant, I am "beneath" them, so to speak, and have to bow to their greater authority.

In my job as a doc, I'm not used to taking orders. I'm not that used to giving them, either, to tell the truth. I'm one of those docs that asks for things rather than demands them, that uses "please" and "thank you" and does things for myself if the nurse looks busy. In spite of that, I know that I am in charge in that situation, and that there are people "beneath" me that have to do what I say. I have the greater authority.

It's interesting to move back and forth between those types of roles. I was noticing yesterday, when I wasn't the one in charge, I found it kind of a relief. I could relax, let someone else make the decisions and call the shots. Since I don't do that anywhere else (no, not at home, just ask my husband!) it was kind of a nice change.

That's all for today. No gory story. Just a few random thoughts. (I'm too tired from running up and down the field plus playing my own game today - think I'll hit the hot tub!)


Heather said...

Isn't it nice to every now and then let someone else be in control? I don't know that I could do it all the time but there are definitely days when it's nice to let someone have all the responsibility and you just get to relax and enjoy.

pegadoc said...

Indeed, Heather.

Like going to get my hair cut - I just relax and enjoy!

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