Friday, March 03, 2006

Works in Progress

Items from the "cooker":

"Sick Happens" - a modern day lament about our impatience with illness.

"Skin Deep" - marveling at all the bodies and lives I've been priveleged to touch.

"Clarissa" - a ten year old with viral cardiomyopathy.

"Intern Mommy" - self explanatory, from my own life.

I'll post them as they get closer to the "done" stage. Just wanted to put the ideas out here, in case others are moved by these titles to share their own similar (or different) experiences.



Marianne Powers said...

Followed your link!

Virginia said...

Skin Deep . . .

I was thinking about Shirley MacLaine today. She's playing a grandmother in the movie "In Her Shoes" right now. Not much makeup hiding her age. She lets her freckles show. Ohmygawd, but I love the sight of those freckles. Those freckles say, "I'm old, and I'm not afraid. I'm old, and it's okay to be me. I'm old and I'm still the hottest female in this whole freakin' movie!"

Beauty is not just skin deep for the aging population that is wise enough and brave enough to let it all show. No tucking it up, sucking it out, implanting it where it doesn't belong. Just the real human.

When you take away the marks of aging, you take away something that identifies you, makes you recognizably who you are. I want to see more freckles, more wrinkles, more gray hair. I want to see the real human.

Peg Spencer said...

Good point, Virginia! As I get older I can relate more to my grandmothers, whose wrinkles and gray hair and wise eyes meant so much to me. They never tried to look younger than they were. No weekly trips to the beauty parlor for bluing and poofing. No "dressing down" to bely their years.

It's a challenge to live up to, in our society that screams "youth is beauty" and "youth is value" at every turn.

But when I realize how much I have seen and learned and grown over all the years, I understand that all that takes a toll, makes a mark, on the ol' bod. As such, those "age marks" are to be flaunted with pride.

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