Thursday, July 27, 2006

Crash boy walks out of hospital

I'm thrilled to report that the young man who was involved in the bike crash not only survived, but walked out of the hospital!

He's having post-head injury rehab. That's probably the extent of what I'll ever learn about him, but I thought you all would like to know he did survive.


connery said...


"Crash Boy" walks out of hospital!!!

Best news item I've read all day.

That's awesome!!!

Nice goin', Dr. Peg! The First Responders (including you)had a big hand in this, as did the Neurosurgeons, I'll bet. As did the Healing Life Force or the Good Lord or whoever/whatever else gets involved in things like this.

I love happy endings.

may said...

good news always warms the heart...

dr peg said...

Yes indeed. My relief was deep.

annelynn said...

Fantastic news, Dr. Peg. I keep checking back here to see how he did. Thank you for sharing, and, as Connery said, thank you for being a first responder.

Me too with the liking of good news!

difficultpt said...

Yay--thanks for the update!

dr peg said...

Thanks for checking back, annelynn and dp. Yes, it is good to hear good news for a change, isn't it? Glad to be the bearer.

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