Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Daphne's Delight

I do a little e-column once a month at work, spotlighting some good news or a good time in some staff member's life. It's called "Bright Spot" and the idea is to counter, in some small way, all the bad news we get inundated with. With which. Whatever. This month it was about a new pregnancy. Enjoy.

My name is Daphne. I two years old. My Mommy is Sarah and my Daddy is Adrian. Mommy works at a big desk. Every day Daddy and I drive her to work, and she blows a kiss at me in the window and I wave. Sometimes she gets lost and I have to hold her hand and take her to her desk so she can find it.

Then Daddy and I go home so he can help me. I need to draw and paint because I a very good painter. Daddy turns the light on for me to paint and fixes snack for me. He says he is a “SAHD Dad”. Mommy says it’s ‘cause he’s a “Stay At Home Dad” but I think they teasing because Daddy can fly so he must be a Happy Dad. I know he can fly cuz one night I woke up and I heard Mommy and Daddy jumping on the bed and then Daddy asked Mommy if he could “let it fly”. Mommy said “go for it”. Then when he came to check on me he had a big smile. He’s a Happy Dad.

One day after that Mommy dinnint come home for lunch. Every day she comes home and we have peanut butter and jelly, my favorite. But that day Mommy told me she walked to the Fun Deer rest’rant and eated a big giant bunch of enchilalas and then she was still hungry! She said she had a hole in her tummy and she went to the store to buy a little piece of paper. I thought she was gonna put the paper in the hole, but she dinnint. She pee pee’d on the paper! Then she told Daddy it was Posatif. Daddy said no, it was Negatif. They silly.

The next day Mommy pee pee’d on another paper an’ it turned all blue, my favorite color. Mommy said, “I knew it! I could tell by that sick hungry feeling in my tummy. Our first try!” Daddy hugged her and he said, “Now I’m going to have to build on that addition” and Mommy rolled her eyes around and made me laugh. I like her funny faces.

One day Auntie Michelle was babysitting me and Auntie Michelle told me that Mommy and Daddy and me are gonna get a baby! And you know what? The baby is in Mommy’s tummy! Isn’t that funny? Mommy has a baby in her tummy! I guess it went in that hole she got from the Fun Deer res’trant. I told Mommy about the baby in her tummy and she opened her mouth really big and her eyes too. I guess she thought she was just getting a fat tummy, but now she knows about the baby cuz I told her. The baby is growing in Mommy’s tummy and Mommy says it’s gonna come out before Santa Claus gets here.

Mommy went to see her doctor. The doctor sewed up the door to Mommy’s Room in her tummy so the baby can’t fall out. Mommy said when I was in her Room the doctors had to sew the door shut too so I wouldn’t fall out. I glad the doctor sewed the Room shut cuz Mommy forgets things ever since she pee pee’d on that paper, and she might forget to close the door to the Room and then the baby would fall out. I don’t want the baby to fall out cuz she’s gonna be my baby sister and sleep in my room, but not the room in my tummy , the room with my bed in it.

Silly Mommy and Daddy say maaaaaybe the baby is a boy baby, but I know it’s a girl baby. Her name is Apple Mehlela Princess and I her big sister. I a big girl now, and I going to school. I happy I gonna have a sister. I had a brother before, but he went to heaven when he was a very very tiny baby. When my sister Apple Mehlela Princess comes out of Mommy’s Room, she will play with me and we will laugh at our crazy Mommy and Daddy.

If you see my Mommy working on her big desk please give her some food because she always hungry since she got that hole at the Fun Deer rest’rant. But don’t give her animals to eat cuz she never ate a animal her whole life. But ‘cept you can give her choclit if you want cuz she loves choclit, but not as much as she loves me and Daddy and our baby!


conneweey said...

Cute. Very nice. I like readink your interview with li'l Daphne.

I eager to read her comments when Mehlela comes to live with them, and Daphne gets to really be big sister.

dr peg said...

Awww, fanks, conneweey.

Kim said...

LOLOL! Daphne is a trip!

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