Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rocky Mountain High

Greetings once again from my mountain hideaway.

I am surrounded by beauty such as most people rar
ely see.

We're working hard on writing, but still have some time to smell the wild roses and take some pictures.

Yes, I was this close.


first 50 said...

You know that New Mexico has been getting some rain while you've been gone. It's turning green down here. But that's not caused by the rain. That's caused by me being green with envy.

Wish I was high in the Rockies, too (not that kind of high, silly!)


connery said...

I LOVE that Deer picture.

He obviously trusted you, to not even bother looking up or running away, just keep non-chalantly eating the grass while you were playing Peggarazzi right next to his left earlobe.

Glad to see you're spending summer vacation in such a scenic place.


dr peg said...

Virginia- If you were where I was, you WOULD be high. That ol' "Colorado Rocky Mountain high" is for real!

Nice to be home though.

Connery - Yep, SHE didn't mind my "Peggarazzi" activities. Clearly she's used to people. (I can see you must be a city boy/girl- boy deer have this stick-like things on their heads called 'antlers')


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