Sunday, July 09, 2006

Update on Crash Victim

Tentative good news on the crash victim from last week. I stopped by the fire station in the little nearby town on my way home yesterday, knowing that they'd have their ear to the grapevine. One of the guys told me that the kid, who had been kept in an induced coma for several days to minimize cerebral swelling, was starting to "come around".

No details as to the extent of his brain damage yet, but I'll post them when I know.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Great that you heard SOMETHING about the kid. I can't imagine what it's like to fly in there like that and have no idea of the outcome.
Go dog go!

connery said...

Glad to hear some optimistic news.

Jo said...

I tried to comment on your original post about the crash, but couldn't find any words. I'm glad the kid seems to be doing okay, and hope his brain isn't too badly screwed up.

may said...

that's good. i am hoping for a happy ending too :)thanks for the update.

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